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    Haris Bilal Malik

    Haris Bilal Malik is a Research Associate in the Strategic Vision Institute (SVI), Islamabad, Pakistan

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  • India Possibly Trying to Appease China on Kashmir1

    By: Haris Bilal Malik 24 October 2019 The recent meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi referred to as the 2nd India-China Informal Summit was held in Chennai between 11-12th October 2019. This summit has considerable significance in view of the evolving landscape of the South Asian region, especially since

  • Kashmir Issue at the UNGA 74th Session and the Nuclear Discourse0

    By: Haris Bilal Malik 17 October 2019 The Kashmir issue has more significance in view of the nuclearization of South Asia as many security experts around the world consider Kashmir a potential ‘nuclear flashpoint’ between India and Pakistan. The revocation of the special constitutional status of Kashmir by the BJP government on August 5, 2019,

  • Iran’s Challenge to the U.S Supremacy in the Middle East0

    By: Haris Bilal Malik 26 September 2019 The United States as a global superpower has been maintaining and projecting its military and political supremacy for decades. The U.S has ensured its military presence all over the world through its technological prowess and an unrivaled number of military bases and naval fleets across the world. Inspired

  • Pakistan’s Skepticism on India’s NFU Policy Stands Validated0

    By: Haris Bilal Malik 17 September 2019 The South Asian region is widely regarded as vulnerable to the threat of nuclear war. This is largely because of the Kashmir issue’s dangerous potential as a ‘nuclear flashpoint’ between India and Pakistan. This is evident in how the use of nuclear weapons is currently being debated at

  • India’s NFU Card0

    By Haris Bilal Malik 24 August 2019 The Nuclearization of South-Asia in 1998 marked considerable changes in the regional security dynamics. This also had a considerable impact on regional and extra-regional politics, the security environment of South Asia and the global nuclear order. Since then, India has gone through gradual shifts in its nuclear doctrinal

  • The Negative Nuclear Signaling and Anti-Pakistan Rhetoric in India’s General Election 20190

    By: Haris Bilal Malik 24 July 2019 The Indian General Election 2019 that was held in seven phases between April and May reportedly involved 900 million voters to cast their votes, making it world’s largest democratic exercise. As predicted by analysts around the world, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), an extremist right wing Hindu

  • The Hypocrisy inherent in India’s proposed membership to the NSG0

    By: Haris Bilal Malik 27 June 2019 The ideological foundations of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) are based on non-proliferation of nuclear materials and the prevention of nuclear weapons buildup. Unfortunately, the group has instead become more of a cartel comprising of the major powers that is aimed at benefiting their own economies through nuclear

  • 21 years of Nuclearization of South Asia: Current Doctrinal Trends0

    By: Haris Bilal Malik 26 May 2019 Since the nuclearization of South-Asia in 1998, the region’s security dynamics have changed considerably. This has had a profound and irreversible impact on regional and extra-regional politics, the security architecture of South Asia and the international nuclear order. India had carried out its nuclear tests between 11-13 May

  • Truth Prevails; Indian War Hysteria against Pakistan0

    By: Haris Bilal Malik 27 April 2019 India has finally accepted the truth regarding the 26th February intrusion in air space of Pakistan. On April 18, 2019 Indian Minister for External Affairs and senior leader of ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Sushma Swaraj while addressing an election gathering accepted that not a single Pakistani citizen


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