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  • Coronavirus Reveals What Really Makes the World Go Round, and It’s Not Money0

    The bluff of neo-liberalism must be called out By Eva Illouz    Apr 04, 2020 Haaretz   In Lars von Trier’s movie “Melancholia,” the viewer comes to grasp, slowly, with a mix of terror and powerlessness, that the world is about to come to an end, colliding with the planet Melancholia. At the film’s end, the audience

  • Biggest Ivory Workshop in Ancient World Discovered in Pakistan0

    More than 40 kilograms of ivory fragments unearthed in renewed excavation of the ancient port city of Bhanbhore’s Islamic period – and this was just the industry’s dumping ground By Qaseem Saeed and Ruth Schuster Mar 05, 2020 KARACHI, Pakistan – Archaeologists revisiting the ruins of the 2,100-year-old port city of Bhanbhore in Pakistan’s Sindh province say they have


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