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    GGI News Staff http://gginews.in/ GGI News Analysis is a unique project initiated by GreatGameIndia to provide meaning and context to the randomly provided news day-in and day-out which often leaves the common populace wondering as to its real significance. We at GGI News would not only analyze daily news but also place it in the right perspective for our readers to understand it and thereby form their own independent opinion from the facts provided. Subscribe to our email newsletters or follow our page on Facebook and Twitter for more such analysis, debates and discussions related to geopolitics and international affairs from an Indian perspective. If you would like to contribute, please email your story suggestions to info@greatgameindia.com

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  • How Facebook’s Secret Unit Created India’s Troll Armies For Digital Propaganda To Influence Elections0

    • Blog
    • December 23, 2017

    Just days after GreatGameIndia exposed how American and Japanese companies could be hacking Indian elections, a recent Bloomberg report has revealed how a secret unit of Facebook has helped create troll armies for governments around the world including India for digital propaganda to influence elections. By Shelley Kasli December 22, 2017 Share on Facebook Tweet on

  • India’s Sensitive Investigations Handed Over To Foreign Spy Firms0

    • Blog
    • October 25, 2017

    India’s investigative agencies CBI, RBI, ED, SFIO and SEBI are sub-contracting sensitive investigations to foreign spy firms. By GGI News Staff – October 25, 2017 Owing to enormous FDI inflows into India our investigative agencies are finding it hard to cope up with increased scrutiny, investigations and financial frauds. In past few years we allowed

  • Mystery Behind The Assassination Of Mahatma Gandhi0

    Assassinations September 30, 2017 Since the the publication of our research into the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi there has been a great interest among people into opening a fresh investigation into the matter. A petition has also been filed in the Supreme Court raising questions about the shoddy investigation done into Gandhi’s murder demanding to constitute

  • Rohingya Crisis, George Soros, Oil & Lessons For India0

    • Blog
    • September 9, 2017

    When George Soros comes to this or that country… he looks for religious, ethnic or social contradictions, chooses the model of action for one of these options or their combination and tries to ‘warm them up’. By Shelley Kasli – September 8, 2017 The ongoing crisis in Myanmar including tensions between Buddhist and Muslim communities

  • How Adani Siphoned Off Rs. 1493,84,72,484 From India To Tax Havens0

    Exclusive: Allegations by Indian customs of huge sums being siphoned off to tax havens from projects are contained in legal documents but denied by company. Details of the alleged 15bn rupee (US$235m) fraud are contained in an Indian customs intelligence notice obtained by the Guardian, excerpts of which are published for the first time here.

  • After 70 Years Of Division India & Pakistan Has This One Thing In Common0

    After 70 years of division and Independence, there is one thing that is strikingly common to both India and Pakistan. Both the countries are implementing massive bio-metric surveillance projects implemented by their former masters known as Aadhaar in India and Nadra in Pakistan. By GGI News Staff August 14, 2017 After 70 years of division

  • Doklam Standoff – Behind The India China Border Dispute0

    It’s very discomforting to see the nation of India, one of the great potential leading countries of the world systematically self-destruct. Provoking a new war with China over remote chunks of land in the high Himalayas where the borders of China’s Tibet Autonomous Region converge with India and the Kingdom of Bhutan, is only the

  • India Has Almost Finished World’s First Advanced Thorium Nuclear Reactor1

    India’s nuclear scientists expect to complete an experimental fast breeder nuclear reactor in Kalpakkam by the end of 2017. By GGI News Staff August 3, 2017 India’s nuclear scientists expect to complete an experimental fast breeder nuclear reactor in Kalpakkam by the end of 2017. The Kalpakkam reactor will generate 500 megawatts of electricity by using the

  • The Sinister Origins Of The World Bank & IMF0

    The unwritten goal of the World Bank and the IMF – one that has been enforced with a vengeance – has been to integrate countries into the capitalist world economy. Despite all the rhetoric about development and the alleviation of poverty, the central function of these multilateral lending institutions has been to draw the rulers

  • ‘Produce & Perish’ – How A New Secret Deal Is A Threat To The Future Of India’s Agriculture0

    ‘Produce & Perish’ – How A New Secret Deal Is A Threat To The Future Of India’s Agriculture At a time when farmer unions are planning for a Jail Bharo protest from Aug 9 to Aug 15 seeking farm loan waiver and implementation of the Swaminathan Committee recommendation of providing 50 per cent profit over

  • The Reliance 4G Scam – #JioYaMaro0

    Ambani acquired nationwide 4G spectrum at 1/10th of the Rs 1,76,000 Crores expected from the 2G auctions, without as much of a whimper of a protest. By GGI News Staff July 17, 2017 Ask anyone in India, what was “2G Scam”, and you will be told how the 2G spectrum was given away for a

  • The Story Of A Blue Jackal – India-China Relations Part 10

    It is India, not Britain itself that has made up the Empire. In India lies the economic foundation of Britain, the life-line of Britain. Without India the British Empire is but a third rate state. Without India the British Empire is bound to disintegrate. India was the life-line of Britain, the British authorities would hold

  • When Israel Tried To Assassinate Nehru0

    Nehru told the Indian Parliament part of the story on 1 August 1960. He said that the Israeli action was ‘unwarranted’ and that the Israeli authorities had ‘prior knowledge of his intended visit to Gaza’. By Vijay Prashad July 6, 2017 May 15th is Nakba Day, the Day of Catastrophe for the Palestinians. In 1948,

  • Is River Kaveri Turning Into A Desert?0

    The Cauvery River is dying – and with it, the crops, hopes and lives of millions of farmers. It could be India’s greatest natural catastrophe ever. Is an ambitious plan to link all rivers to the cities to blame? Death of River Kaveri could lead to India’s ‘greatest human catastrophe’ ever. By GGI News Staff


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