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    John Feffer

    John Feffer is the Director, Foreign Policy In Focus, Director, Epicenter Editor, LobeLog, Institute for Policy Studies, www.fpif.org, http://www.ips-dc.org/epicenter/, www.lobelog.com, www.johnfeffer.com New book: Aftershock (November 2017), Latest novel: Splinterlands (December 2016)

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  • US Has Treated Poor Countries Like Shitholes For Decades0

      By John Feffer, January 24, 2018 The United States has never invaded Norway. It has never bombed Oslo. It has never rounded up Norwegians and thrown them in Guantanamo. Perhaps some U.S. diplomats have referred to the country as “shithole” — because the food’s rather bland and the nightlife rather staid — but the


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