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  • Political Polarization in South and Southeast Asia: Old Divisions, New Dangers0

    DOWNLOAD PDF Political Polarization in South and Southeast Asia: Old Divisions, New Dangers THOMAS CAROTHERS,  ANDREW O’DONOHUE From long-established democracies like India to newer ones like Indonesia, deep-seated sociopolitical divisions have become increasingly inflamed in recent years, fueling democratic erosion and societal discord. Published August 18, 2020 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction THOMAS CAROTHERS, ANDREW O’DONOHUE Mounting

  • India’s New Fourth Party System0

    Milan Vaishnav,  Jamie Hintson August 19, 2019 India Seminar In May 2014, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) claimed the first single party majority in the Lok Sabha in three decades, propelled by prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. After a quarter century of coalition politics, the BJP’s victory prompted a debate about whether India had entered a

  • Why Unsustainable Chinese Infrastructure Deals Are a Two-Way Street0

    Carnegie-Tsinghua Center – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Matt Ferchen,  Anarkalee Perera 23 July 2019 Source: Getty Summary:  The narrative that China is engaging in problematic debt trap diplomacy has taken off. But for Sri Lanka and most of China’s other Belt and Road Initiative partners, it is important to understand the history and politics of

  • Modi’s Three Foreign Policy Wins0

    Ashley J. Tellis* 24 March 2019 Narendra Modi’s foreign policy style during the last five years has been dizzying. From whirlwind visits around the globe to stadium-packed appearances abroad to selfies and bear hugs with business glitterati and world leaders alike, he has left a distinctive mark on the international stage. Not bad for a


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