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    Asia Maqsood

    Asia Maqsood is Research Associate at Strategic Vision Institute Islamabad.

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  • Takeaways from the 7th JCC Meeting on CPEC0

    • Blog
    • December 16, 2017

    China and Pakistan have been working to promote the construction of the CPEC project through sustenance of Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC). According to the available information on the official websites of the CPEC, there are five working groups which include long-term planning, energy, transportation infrastructure, industrial cooperation and Gwadar Port. JCC deals with the overall

  • Iran-Pakistan Ties: Impact on CPEC0

    Since the inception of Pakistan, relations between Iran and Pakistan were on even keel throughout the early decades. The two countries were cooperative from 1947-1979 till the reign of Shah of Iran. Baluchistan province of Pakistan occupies a pivotal position in bilateral relations, given the Bloch population in both countries. Even in the 1971 war,

  • Russia’s Perspective on CPEC0

    • Blog
    • September 17, 2017

    The inclusion of CPEC with the Belt and Road Initiative is a concrete example of how the Xi Jinping’s idea became an initiative. In this whole context of OBOR, Pakistan’s membership of SCO makes relevant to Russia or the Eurasian Economic Union. Otherwise, it is a little direct importance to Russia. Apart from a trade

  • India’s Naval Development: Implications for Region0

    India is extensively modernizing its navy. Admiral Suresh Mehta the then Chief of Indian Navy in 2008 stated that till 2022 India has planned to have 160 ships which include three aircraft carriers, 60 combatants which include submarines and approximately 400 aircrafts of different types. This modernization is not only the quantitative but also qualitative

  • Pakistan is winning India’s traditional Ally “Russia.”1

    Since last 70 years, India and Russia remained friends supporting each other, signing lucrative military deals and deepening their bilateral relations on international diplomatic forums. Eventually, in 2016 their bilateral relations have not been on smooth keels. It is pertinent to discuss here that it is the global relations because of which Russia is losing

  • Defense Defined Modi’s visit to Israel: Implications for Pakistan0

    Since the establishment of diplomatic ties between India and Israel on Jan 29, 1992, No Indian Prime Minister visited Israel in these 25 years. Since then both emphasized on the need of stronger economic and security relations.  Narendra Modi is the first Indian PM who broke the tradition and visited Israel on July 4, 2017.

  • US-Pakistan- India after Trump Administration0

    Since the Donald Trump came to power, there are fewer policy clues but from his inauguration speech to anti-globalization, anti- internationalism broadly pointed at its nationalistic stance. In all probabilities, Trump’s priorities are inclined towards trade, immigration, terrorism, the Iran nuclear deal and relations with Israel. While the rest of foreign policy including geopolitics or


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