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    Aparna Pande

    Dr. Aparna Pande is Research Fellow & Director of Hudson Institute's Initiative on the Future of India and South Asia as well as Fellow, Center on Islam, Democracy, and the Future of the Muslim World.

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  • US Wants India to Stand up to China. It Can Do That Only With American Aid and Tech Support0

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi with US President Donald Trump at Hyderabad House by Aparna Pande Hudson Institute     3 July 2020 The Covid pandemic offers India and the United States an opportunity to bolster their partnership. The large-scale loss of human life, social disruption, and economic devastation caused by the pandemic will almost certainly be

  • India attracted the world once. But it wasn’t because of its ambition to be a Hindu Rashtra0

    Aparna Pande May 1, 2020 India’s image has taken a battering in the last few months, not only in the United States and elsewhere in the West, but even in its own neighbourhood. Many friends and admirers of India are worried that the idea of India they have supported since the country’s Independence is changing and, in their view, not for

  • Pakistan: Intractable Positions0

     Oct 03 2018   By Aparna Pande Narinder Nanu—AFP Pakistan and India will not be able to achieve peaceful ties unless both are willing to sacrifice long-standing issues The failure of the latest attempt at resuming talks between India and Pakistan reflects the inability of both governments to make an extremely difficult political decision. Pakistan’s leaders

  • India and China: The Risks of a Reset0

      Asia’s Game of Thrones by Aparna Pande   27/4/2018 Modi’s visit to China this week could lead to an easing of their strained ties—but any reset will benefit Beijing far more than New Delhi. When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi travels to Wuhan, China on April 27, many will be waiting with bated breath to see whether

  • Pakistan’s ‘Love us or else’ Strategy0

    07/01/2017 Aparna Pande As the Trump administration finalizes its policy towards Afghanistan, a series of articles and speeches (by key Pakistani officials) are once again putting forth the argument that a friendly Pakistan is indispensable to American success in Afghanistan. According to this argument, Washington needs to reassure Pakistan, and that attempts to coerce or

  • Modi & Trump must agree on Economic Agenda0

    Aparna Pande Huffington Post June 23, 2017  Mixed expectations surround the first meeting between President Donald J Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. For New Delhi it is critical that an Indian Prime Minister meet one-on-one with the American President; Washington has pinned its hopes that there will also be an economic dimension to

  • Saudi-India-Pakistan Triangle

    Saudi-India-Pakistan Triangle0

    After years of considering Saudi Arabia as a major ally and economic benefactor, Pakistan may be on the verge of losing its erstwhile patron to archrival India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Riyadh last week for an official visit full of diplomatic significance. King Salman bin Abdul Aziz conferred the Kingdom’s highest civilian award,

  • Pakistan’s Promises Will Remain Unfulfilled

    Pakistan’s Promises Will Remain Unfulfilled0

    Pakistan remains unwilling to change the substance of its policy on terrorism even as it tries to reassure the international community that it is ready for a drastic transformation. Several recent developments affirm the Pakistani military’s belief that cosmetic changes or words alone will suffice to convince others, especially the U.S., that Pakistan is serious


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