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    Amber Afreen Abid

    The author is a Research Associate at the Strategic Vision Institute, Islamabad, Pakistan

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  • Hybrid Warfare: A New Face of Conflict in South Asia0

    by Amber Afreen Abid    3 April 2021 Hybrid warfare or hybrid threat seems to be the emerging modality in the changing nature of warfare.  In the nuclear era, more attention has been given to the sub-conventional conflicts, because of the lethality of the nuclear weapons; the deterrence being created by the nuclear-weapon states prevents

  • India Dreads Pakistan-China-Turkey Axis0

    Amber Afreen Abid         22 March 2021 The right to use safe nuclear technology is of immense significance for the states which possess nuclear technology. It requires safe practice of nuclear technology and nuclear-related technologies and materials with complete public confidence. The nuclear safety and security hold great significance for Pakistan, as it

  • India’s Sprouting Counterforce Posture0

    By Amber Afreen Abid   14 January 2021 In recent years, India’s technological advancements in the domain of counterforce military capabilities have increased the vulnerability of the South Asian region. While trying to disturb the strategic stability in South Asia, India, through its adventuresome counterforce posture against Pakistan, is on the verge of becoming a rogue


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