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    Adrij Chakraborty

    Adrij is a research enthusiast and writer with more than three years of experience. He has previously worked with IT start-up Enter Cerebrum as the Content Creator for six months, and as a National Servicer Scheme volunteer for a year. He was also a parliamentary intern at the Centre for Legislative Research and Advocacy, where he authored a paper on Business and Human Rights Framework in India. After his post-graduation in Economics, he has authored five academic papers. Two of them have been published in India. Adrij’sresearch interests have taken him to Cambridge, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Crieff, and Liverpool as a student academic, and to Colombo as an Indian delegate to Sri Lanka. He has been writing in leading dailies like the Times of India and The Telegraph, UK. Adrij likes to write on Indian policy-making, global socioeconomic policies, and international relations.

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  • India: Use of National Security on Electoral Sentiments0

    by Adrij Chakraborty 22 July 2019 Politics with Policy As India steps into the second term of governance by the (Bharatiya Janata Party led) National Democratic Alliance, I attempt to analyse what caused the mammoth upsurge of votes in its favour. Amidst other significant reasons behind the ruling party’s landslide victory, there is a small

  • Sino-Russian axis moves India to secure other friendships0

    India has heavily reordered its policies to survive against the (Sino-Russian) axial threat – reliance on past sentimentalism and old friendships is being challenged by the new global geostrategic environmental revamp, writes Adrij Chakraborty for South Asia Monitor May 12, 2018, By Adrij Chakraborty Russian President Vladimir Putin’s landslide victory in the 2018 elections extended

  • A Monologue on Poverty and Inequality0

    by Adrij Chakraborty      May 15, 2018 In the United States of America, every Presidential election campaign rests on the pillar of an Economic ideology whereby the candidates would try to woo the electorate en-masse with articulate expressions of their vision to take the American Economy to a newer height than ever before. We


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