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    Dr. Adfer Shah

    Dr. Adfer Rashid Shah is a Sociologist and Associate Editor-Eurasia Review (for South Asia) and Associate Editor at Women’s Link. His recent publications include his three books (1)"Kashmir-Yearning for Peace: A Socio-Political history of Uncertainty and Chaos, 2016" (ISSN: 978-3-659-55971-6), (2)'Social Science Research in Conflict Zones,2017' (ISBN: 978-620-2-47937- 0) and (3)'Tibetan Refugees in India: Struggle to Survive,2018' ( ISBN 81-8324-919-1)].. Reach him at adfer.syed@gmail.com

Author's Posts

  • Ironies of Solidarity: Thinking Muslim Endowments’ (Auqaf) in Pandemic Times0

    Dr Adfer Rashid Shah                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            While the developed world responded to pandemic by throwing millions and trillions of dollars to save their economies and assist their people in all ways possible, the situation was not same in the rest of the globe. It is the people that bore the brunt of the horrific pandemic

  • United States Tibetan Policy and Support Act of 2020-A critical Analysis0

                His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama at his enthronement ceremony, February 22, 1940, in Lhasa, Tibet. Photo courtesy of Tibet Museum by Dr. Adfer  Shah       4 January 2020 While he is leaving the white house soon, Donald Trumps’ last blow to China is his signing the legislation

  • Understanding Kanpur Horror in the Context of Paranormal0

      Dr. Adfer Rashid Shah & Ms. Rukmani Monga     9 December 2020  Abstract After Hathras, where a poor Dalit girl was brutally murdered, the recent Kanpur (Bhadras) horror has added a strange dimension. It is this very vicious act of human sacrifice to cure someone’s infertility. A minor girl (aged 7) was first abducted

  • Global Curriculum with Integrated Peace Education Content is the Need of the Hour0

      By Dr.  Swaleha Sindhi and Dr. Adfer Shah           20 August 2020 Introduction One of the significant features of the recently released and much-discussed New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is to internationalise Indian education by opening up Indian higher education to global players. Now Indian universities can set up their campuses

  • Understanding Covid 19 Pandemic in India as a Breaching Experiment: A Sociological Perspective0

    Dr Adfer Rashid Shah 7 April 2020 The routine life has turned fragile and meanings have changed fast with the creation of a new set of meanings, essence and priorities. Covid19 Pandemic indeed is proving a breaching experiment which means a disruption has come that has changed patterned social practices and social order along with

  • Book Review: Between The Great Divide: A Journey into Pakistan-administered Kashmir0

    Anam Zakaria’s Book, ‘Between the Great Divide: A Journey into the Pakistan Administered Kashmir’ brings together ten essays in three parts: Conflict, State policies and Beyond the cease fire. The work purely seems an ethnography of a significant part of Jammu and Kashmir now administered by Pakistan and mostly known as ‘Azad Kashmir’ by masses and

  • Kashmir’s Shah Feasal Reimagining Electoral Politics 0

    By Dr. Adfer Shah   14 January 2019 Dr Shah Faesal’s reclaiming and reimagining the electoral politics after resigning from the prestigious civil services in Kashmir neither seems vapid nor promising at the moment. The prominent youth icon shot to fame when he topped the Indian Civil Services (IAS) in 2010. It was a time when the Kashmir

  • Courage under Fire: Kashmir’s Emerging Perilous Narrative0

    by Dr Adfer Shah               27 September 2018 Cops kill them; they (rebels/militants) kill the cops. The courage is under fire, the livelihood at stake, the mothers are wailing, appealing to militants hands folded on social media after abductions of their sons with least hope that their sons return alive.

  • The NRC Draft and India’s Assam Conundrum2

    Dr. Adfer Shah     3 August 2018 The very process of updating the National Register of Citizens (NRC), which is supposed to help identify Indian citizens residing in Assam in accordance with the Citizenship Act, 1955 and the Assam Accord needs to be welcomed by one and all irrespective of political affiliations and ideologies. As

  • Kashmir – Of Grand Pronouncements and Vague Specifics0

    The aggressive rhetoric, political arrogance, policy myopia and lack of the mental gymnastics on Kashmir have crossed limits. All exclusive muscular efforts applied are yielding nothing but a bloody response with minuscule benefits. Even such so-called benefits do not come free; the real impact and outcome is much dearer and dangerous in terms of the

  • A New Difficult Kashmir0

    Dr. Adfer Shah A Different Generation On stopping their smaller toddler of barely six years old, from going out while the stone pelting and clashes were on, the parents got somewhat a strange and a worth shocking reply from him. The boy angrily shouted, “Now when you have two sons (he and his elder brother),

  • The Burden of Muslims

    The Burden of Muslims0

    Dr. Adfer Shah Needless to say that Islam is a significant faith today with 1.6 billion followers and a considerable section of them living as a minority community in many countries thereby battling the issues of discrimination, stereotypes, and identity crisis. With the rise of Islamophobic brigades across Europe, Islamophobia as a psycho-social phenomenon gained

  • The Poster Boy of Militancy In Kashmir

    The Poster Boy of Militancy In Kashmir0

    Burhan Muzaffar Wani -the face of young, revived and local militancy in Kashmir valley- was killed on 8 July by forces which resulted in an unforeseen law and order problem for the State apparatus and violent social unrest throughout Kashmir valley resulting in some thirty seven civilian killings and hundreds of injured -the toll still

  • Kanhaiya – Is Left’s Aam Admi Emerging

    Kanhaiya – Is Left’s Aam Admi Emerging0

    Kanhaiya’s recent remarkable speech in JNU and the series of interviews with prominent news channels aftermath reflect an articulate and an energetic politician in him. His much used Azaadi cry speaks of his urge for the inner social development in the country and fight against deeply embedded exploitation, disparity and perpetual alienation that millions of


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